Videre CMS

an open-source content management system written in C#

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Built with Bootstrap

Videre CMS proudly integrates Bootstrap as its front-end CSS framework.


Integration has also been done to allow server-side code to generate bootstrap markup via a FluentAPI


Extensibility hooks provided throughout the framework (widgets, themes, layouts).


Easily localize all your content through UI or import/export.


Search site content through providers (Lucene).

Drag N Drop

Setup pages with ease by dragging widgets into panes.

Authorization / Authentication Providers

Plug in your own Authentication providers (OAuth, custom).

Multi-Portal capability

Host more than one portal on same site (multi-tenant).

Package Import/Export

Easily import / export content, widgets, and layouts between sites and environments.


Easily edit content via WYSIWYG editors (CK, CL, HTML5).

Content Sharing

Easily share content between widgets.

Document Database

Using Resource Manager allows your portal's content to be stored in one of may supplied providers (file, sqlserver, mysql, etc.).